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what is Aluminum Foil

The aluminum foil is a rolled aluminum product with a thickness of less than 0.20mm and a rectangular and uniform cross section on the surface. Such as capacitors, aluminum foil, hydrophilic aluminum foil, composite aluminum foil, and so on.

The aluminum foil is actually a kind of metal aluminum directly rolled into sheets of hot stamping material, the effect of stamping and silver foil stamping effect is very similar, so we called off. Aluminum foil due to aluminum soft texture, good ductility, but also has a silver white luster, if you want to post rolling sheet, then using sodium silicate material mounted on uncoated paper made of aluminum foil, which can also be printed. But the aluminum foil itself is easy to oxidize and the color is dim. The friction, touch and so on are all likely to fade. Therefore, the foil is not suitable for the long-term use of books, covers and other hot stamping applications.

Aluminum foil is clean, sanitary and shiny, and it can be integrated into many other packaging materials, because the surface of aluminum foil is better than other materials

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