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Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile , Alias: Industrial Aluminum Extrusion, Industrial Aluminum Profile, Industrial Aluminum Profile is an aluminum-based alloy material, aluminum rods by hot-melt, squeeze to get different cross-sectional shape of aluminum, but The proportions of the added alloys are different, and the industrial properties and applications of the industrial aluminum profiles are different. Field of application In general, industrial aluminum is in addition to building doors and windows, curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration and architectural structure with aluminum than all the aluminum. The following are the same as the "

Industrial aluminum surface after oxidation, the appearance is very beautiful, and dirty, once coated with oil is very easy to clean, assembled into products, according to different load bearing different specifications of the profile, and the use of matching aluminum parts, no welding, More environmentally friendly, and the installation, removal, lightweight and easy to carry, moving very convenient.

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