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Aluminum Plate For Container Panel

Product Details

Product Description:

Aluminum Plate for Container Panel, which is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouse, special construction, large span steel house roof, walls and interior and exterior decoration. Has many characteristics such as convenient construction, waterproof, long service life, maintenance free, etc., has been widely applied.

What's more,as per the user's requirements or depending on specific applications,Yonghong Nonferrous Metal Materials Co., Ltd will provide the best service to customers.

Brief Introduction:

Product Name

Aluminum Plate for Container Panel

Alloy and Temper







up to 12000mm(any non-standard length also available unpon request)


mill polished finish


ISO certificated according to ISO9001:2008


food,chemical equipment,storage container,name plate, signs information board


  • Cannot be heat treated

  • Good formability

  • Anti-rust quality and corrosion resistance

  • High intensity 

  • Good mechanical properties

  • Easy processing, wearability

Product Euipment: 

ALMEX casting machined which import from USA, EMS electromagnetic mixing , pairuike degasification tank, filter tank, deep bed filtration, (1+3) DC line equiped the two level computer control system, IMS multipoint scanning crown, SIEMENS PLC System, ABB tension sensor, OSBORN flush roller system, etc.

Product Quality:

In addition to the advanced production equipment, we also have first-class quality management system, including ARL360 spectrograph from thermo electron corporation, MTS stetcher, Brinell hardness tester, Erichsen tester, etc. 


  • Construction:steel house,modular house,bungalow design,steel building,etc.

  • Container manufacturing

  • Household appliances and furniture

  • Vehicle and vessel anufacturing

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